A reassuring audit entailing few demands on its time for Alten to check the quality of its processes

“It was a positive exercise for us. Although the amounts recovered are not that substantial, they nonetheless represent revenue that would have been lost had we not conducted the audit”Séverine Perraud, Group head of accounting and consolidation

Alten, a French engineering and technology consulting company, appointed accounting data-mining specialist ABBD to conduct a recovery audit in 2019, persuaded by ABBD’s promise that the assignment requires very little of their time. “We wanted to check that despite this change in the number of documents to be processed and the staff turnover seen in our team, our processes were still working. We thought it would be useful to appoint external auditors to run this check,” explains Franck Labourdette, the group’s subsidiary ledgers manager.

total recovered
5 months
duration of ABBD's intervention

A total of €70,000 was recovered as a result of the assignment : the audit’s final findings proved very reassuring for Alten’s staff. “Relative to our volume of purchases, this figure is fairly low and shows that overall we have very few irregularities,” Franck Labourdette observes.

Alten particularly appreciated the independence of ABBD’s consultants. “The audit was relatively transparent in terms of additional workload for our employees,” comments Séverine Perraud, Group head of accounting and consolidation.

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