Covivio : using accounts payable audits as a driver of continuous improvement

The property investment company Covivio makes use of ABBD’s skills since 2012 to identify any residual irregularities lingering within its accounting records and recover amounts wrongly paid. “I think ABBD has remarkable and comprehensive expertise in double payments“, points out Hubert Lasseron, Internal Auditor at Covivio. “We have been working with ABBD for nine years, and they have been producing results for nine years“, he observes.

9 years
of renewed trust

The results obtained induced Covivio to repeat the audits regularly, for both supplier over-payments and for overlooked input VAT, in France, Italy and Germany. “We have analysed the errors, and we are improving year-on-year, as are our applications, but we are not able to reach ABBD’s level of expertise or performance. Moreover, people change, as do the processes and the property assets in question, so for all these reasons, double payments continue to occur,” Hubert Lasseron believes. He also highlights the consultants’ interpersonal skills, which he sees as very important for a successful audit process. .

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