Get the best out of your FEC

The arrival of the Fichier des Écritures Comptables in 2014 has implemented a normalized and standardized presentation of accounting records for all French companies. This new consistency within accounting data gave us the capacity to automate data treatments.

Thanks to our expertise in data mining, we develop MasterFEC as a full-web software dedicated to the control and analysis of the FEC.


MasterFEC makes it possible to detect technical errors and discrepancies related to the FEC file, to assess the quality of accounting processes, and to conduct preventive analysis to manage tax risk.

MasterFEC, FEC analysis software

Analysis is online with the support of automated controls. The user receives results instantly and has access to the details of each error.
Control categories :

  • FEC compliance
  • Accounting quality
  • Tax risk
  • Fraud risk
  • Cash recovery
  • Internal control

The French tax authority (A47 A-1 article, LPF) requires that the FEC is transmitted in a specific format. A first set of checks dealing with FEC compliance identifies format errors as well errors related to the content of the file. Are all mandatory fields present ? Is the field separator used in the file allowed by the tax authority ?

MasterFEC assesses the quality of accounting processes. Each data row is analyzed with the aim of detecting errors that could have a negative impact on quality. For example, FEC balance, consistency between the fields “PieceRef” and “PieceDate”, rows that are neither credited nor debited, etc.

MasterFEC can also be used to run several tests before the inspector, in anticipation of a tax inspection. It is possible to identify tax risk areas related, for instance, to excess VAT deductions, etc.

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