Recovery audit leader in France for 15 years

In accounts payable, there is an incompressible residual error rate on accounting records leading to financial losses, regardless of the organizations and information systems implemented.

ABBD is specialized in accounting datamining and accounts payable recovery audit. Since 2002, we identify accounting errors leading to financial losses (duplicate payments, and lost deductible VAT) to help our clients improve their cashflow and P&L.

average amount recovered by audit

Our triple expertise on datamining, accounting and VAT relies on :

  • Our datamining software program, powered to crunch large size of heterogenous data
  • Our teams (consultants, managers and partners), experts in tax law and accounting, in charge of exploring our software’s error leads and to recover identified amounts

Our values

We are convinced that our clients’ satisfaction is directly linked to the values and principles we are committed to :

  • We offer our clients the assurance of a profitable audit : our remuneration is exclusively based on the amounts of money our clients actually recover (“success fees”)
  • While working on our clients’ behalf, we respect their relationships with their suppliers. As a result, our amicable recovery procedures are always carried out in consultation with our clients and without recourse to litigation
  • The autonomy of our involvement is fundamental : during our missions everything is done to keep recourse to our clients to a minimum so that we do not disrupt their day-to-day work
  • The confidentiality of our work is central to our concerns. All our contracts are subject to strict confidentiality rules and all our missions are carried out by our own staff in our own premises without sub-contractor involvement.

Our institutional partners