Our proprietary software program

Datamining allows us to explore the integrality of accounts payable, to proceed to a deep analysis in order to detect every accounting error. For more than 15 years, we have been developing our proprietary and unique datamining software Exaus © within our tech department.

With our experienced consulting team, our software is powered to crunch heterogenous and large size of data :

  • Accounts payable modelling
  • Algorithmic searches and calculations
  • Specific fuzzy searches
  • Exclusive databases constantly updated

Thus, Exaus © is able to detect every single accounting error in our clients’ accounts payable.

Secured web exchange platform Exaus ©

Ecran Wexaus ABBD

We also provide a secured web exchange platform Exaus, allowing our consulting team to share with our clients real-time results of the audit. Our clients can check and validate the audit’s results online at any time, facilitating the conduct of the mission.