Our proprietary software programme

For 12 years, within our R&D cell, we have been developing computer tools designed to manipulate and analyse large amounts of heterogeneous data. These tools have now been brought together in a proprietary and unique software programme : Exaus ©.

This is a tool combining a set of Data-Mining modules and can be used to run our audits from A to Z :

  1. Data can be imported with no limits to its volume or format.
  2. Data can be formatted to make it “intelligible” (creation of accounting and/or invoicing databases).
  3. Calculations, algorithmic searches, querying for each of the areas on which our audits focus.
  4. Cross and consistency checking between the different analysis modules, organisation and prioritization of potential errors.

We also provide our clients with a secure platform for exchanges, hosted directly on our own servers (without any intervention of the third-party storage type).

Finally, our team develops specific solutions depending on our clients’ data, their accounting systems or the type of contracts audited, as required.