At ABBD we put the security of your data at the heart of our concerns, and all our employees make it a priority on a daily basis, in particular through the following technical measures.

ABBD hardware securityABBD hardware security

  • Employees’ workstations are encrypted.
  • Servers and workstations use OS systems declared to its publisher with up-to-date definitions.
  • Protection by antivirus software updated as soon as possible.
  • Security policy controlled via the Microsoft admin console.


  • Site-to-site VPN between our local network and AWS platform.
  • All external connections to our local network infrastructure are made via a site-to-site VPN.
  • Access to our computing resources hosted on AWS is exclusively made via a dedicated VPN.

Secure data transfer to ABBD serversSecure data transfer to ABBD servers

  • Transfer is done via a secured platform developed by our teams, compliant with the latest standards in terms of encryption (TLS v1.3).
  • Certificates used by our platform come from recognised and public certification authorities.

Data hosting, storage and backupData hosting, storage and backup

  • All data held by ABBD are stored on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure servers, both located exclusively in France.
  • ISO 27001:2013, 27017:2015, 27018:2019 and 9001:2015.
  • Customer data logged for 90 days, restoration upon request.
  • Analysis data backed up every night, 7-days retention period.

Secure and monitored data accessSecure and monitored data access

  • Two-factor authentication for all our employees.
  • Nominative login accounts.
  • Strict password policy (12 char.), renewed every 6 months.
  • Access to data is limited to the specific needs of each employee and is subject to approval by his manager.

Access to ABBD’s officesAccess to ABBD’s offices

  • Access to the premises is secured via biometric readers.