What are the audit steps ?

ABBD’s methodology is based on one hand on our datamining techniques and algorithms, giving us a complete analysis of our clients’ accounts payable  ; and on another hand on the fiscal an accounting expertise of our consulting team. For both of our audits (supplier overpayments and lost deductible VAT), the results of our data-crunching software are carefully analyzed by our team and cross-checked against relevant documents (invoice, credit note…).

2 months
average duration of an audit

From the launch of the audit to the delivery of the results, our missions are carried out in full autonomy from our consulting team : everything is made not to disturb our clients’ day-to-day work. Besides providing data extracts and an access to supplier invoices, our clients’ involvement is limited to validating the results presented by our consulting team. However, our clients’ always have a handle on our actions and can stop the process with a supplier at any time.

ABBD audit steps